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Azercosmos unveils ambitious vision for the future development of the space sector.

As the highly anticipated STC 2024 conference draws near, we're excited to unveil exclusive insights into one of our official event supporters, Azercosmos, and their plans for the future development of the national space sector of Azerbaijan.

Night sky oiver Azercosmos' HQ
Azercosmos' HQ

Azercosmos, through its National Strategy on Space Activities, has outlined their strategic priorities for the Azerbaijani space sector over the next two years. The comprehensive strategy encompasses a substantial investment of over 300 million USD into the space domain and eco-system within the next four years and includes key initiatives such as:


·         the development of the space eco-system,

·         new satellite projects,

·         establishment of a cutting-edge data centre specialising in innovative solutions,

·         the creation of a satellite design, assemble and integration centre,

·         fostering extensive international cooperation.


Azercosmos has further solidified its commitment to space sector development internationally through the enactment of a National Law on Space Activities.


Azerbaijan’s space sector is entering a new era of innovation and discovery. Join Azercosmos at STC 2024 and explore, with them, the opportunities for international collaboration in the implementation of their ambitious vision for the future.

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