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Turkmenistan is expanding it's satellite capabilities

Türkmenaragatnaşyk, the national communication agency of Turkmenistan, is currently exploring their options for a second communications satellite. National Satellite Operator, Turkmen Hemrasy, is also planning on expanding the use of earth observation and remote sensing data across several key industries.

Turkmenistan plans to launch second telecommunication satellite

Turkmenistan’s communication satellite, TurkmenAlem 52E, built by Thales and launched by SpaceX in 2015, has already completed half of its service life. The Turkmenistan government has started planning the development of a second communications satellite and the implementation of this project has been included in the “Program of the President of Turkmenistan for the socio-economic development of the country for 2022-2028".

Turkmenistan will take advantage of the most modern satellite technologies to maximise the technical capabilities of this second satellite while maintaining the current frequency band of the existing TurkmenAlem 52E communication satellite and adding additional frequencies to expand the coverage area. An upgrade of ground infrastructure is also planned.

Turkmenistan plans to use Earth Observation technologies and services

Data obtained from Earth remote sensing satellites has become a very important source for solving practical problems of national, regional and local government in the monitoring of natural and man-made objects and phenomena and improving the efficiency of economic activity especially in agriculture, water resource management, cartography, oil & gas, urban planning, ecology, transport, emergency situations and disaster management.

Training seminars were held for specialists from these industries in 2022 on the use and analysis of satellite data received from earth remote sensing satellites. According to the needs of relevant key industries, it is planned to expand the scope of effective use of remote sensing satellite data in the future.

Source: Türkmenaragatnaşyk speech at TurkmenTEL Conference on 10 November 2022. Full speech available on request

Türkmenaragatnaşyk and Turkmen Hemrasy are official supporters of Space Technology Conference – Central Eurasia 2023 being held in Uzbekistan 25 – 27 April 2023.


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