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Uzbekistan exploring options for first national satellites

Further to the adoption at the end of 2023 of the Presidential decree on the further development of the space sector, Uzbekistan is now studying the options for launching the nation’s first satellites and is researching the feasibility and economical expedience of deploying a high-resolution earth observation satellite, a communications satellite and a scientific satellite and which of these should be prioritised.

Hi-resolution Earth Observation Satellite

Several digital platforms using remote sensing data were developed for the government’s needs in 2022 with Ministries and government organisations in economic spheres such as agriculture, geology, ecology, water resources and emergency situations being the beneficiaries. Uzbekspace Agency is gathering information on all potential applications of satellite data and is currently in the process of learning from foreign experience of earth observation satellite usage for the benefits of the country including inventory, economic digitalisation and the permanent monitoring and effective utilisation of natural resources.

Communications Satellite

Despite 87% of the locations of Uzbekistan being covered by wired and mobile internet, some territories are still hard to reach. As the national e-government system is implemented, all aspects of daily of life are digitalised and online education opportunities are developed in the country, it is crucial that the entire territory of Uzbekistan is covered with high quality communication services to eliminate digital inequality and promote sustainable socio-economic growth.

Scientific Satellite

Uzbekistan’s scientific satellite research tasks are being formulated and the most important tasks are to be chosen and realised for the support of the national space education programme in cooperation with scientific and educational institutions of the country. The mission of the programme is to attract student projects, big science projects and to make space accessible to everyone.

For further information, please, contact Uzbekspace agency.

Uzbekspace agency is the host country for Space Technology Conference 2023, which will be held in Tashkent 25 – 27 April.


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