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Uzbekkosmos invites UAV businesses to participate in the take-off of the industry in Uzbekistan.

The UAV industry in Uzbekistan is at an embryonic stage of development but historically strict legal regulations are being systematically dismantled specifically to promote the development of the UAV sector and attract foreign investment including in the development of a national Unmanned Traffic Management system.

There is every reason to believe that the first companies that register in Uzbekistan and obtain permission to use UAVs and UTM systems will receive a significant payback on their investment

Uzbekkosmos invites national UTM system specialists, UAV manufacturers and service providers including remote sensing, GIS, cartography, and 3D modelling, to Tashkent this May to showcase their technologies and services at STC 2022 and to meet and discuss investment opportunities.

In addition to Uzbekkosmos, decision makers from most major industry sectors in Uzbekistan including IT & communications, oil & gas, energy, mining, agriculture, transport, security, water resources, emergency situations, tourism & sport, innovation, health, and construction will participate in the STC 2022 Conference & Showcase.

For more information, please contact

Yuliya Shelepova

T: + [44] 203 790 8883

STC 2022 - May 10 - 11 2022, Hilton Hotel, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


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