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SSI - MonacoSAT confirms platinum sponsorship of STC 2022

SSI - MonacoSAT has confirmed their support of STC 2022 at the very highest level with platinum sponsorship. Dr Ilhami Aygun, President & CEO, brings his wealth of industry experience to the conference and will chair the opening plenary session of the two day programme.

STC 2022 - Central Eurasia will bring together the regions space agencies and international space community in Tashkent in May.

ABOUT Space Systems International - MONACO

Located in the heart of the business area of Monaco, Space Systems International (SSI) – Monaco S.A.M. is an integrated telecommunications service provider specialising in satellite telecommunications, formed in 2004 by world renowned experts and consultants.

The company has entered into several partnerships, representations and consultancy agreements with world-leading satellite manufacturers such as Orbital (USA) and Thales Alenia Space (France) and participated in the planning and design of key satellite projects such as Thor-5 (Norway) and Azersat-1 (Azerbaijan). Notable partnerships include agreements with the world-leading satellite operator company, SES-Luxembourg and the incumbent telecommunication provider of Monaco, Monaco Telecom.

In 2009, SSI-Monaco signed a license agreement with the Monaco government for the development and use of the 52° East orbital position.

In November 2011, an agreement was signed between the Turkmenistan Ministry of Communication and SSI in order to use the 52°E SSI position to the first telecommunication satellite of Turkmenistan and Monaco: TürkmenÄlem 52°E/ MonacoSAT. Hence, 12 of the 38 Ku-band transponders will be exploited by SSI-Monaco.

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